The Promise Ring [I]Boys and Girls EP[/I] Review

Christ! Why can’t I get these songs out of my head? They’re stripped down, thoughtful, fuzzy, warm, fey, sentimental pop. It couldn’t be that I really like this stuff — could it? I thought I was sick of this band, this idea. I thought I didn’t want to like them anymore!
But alas, there is no denying the (amazingly still developing) skills of the Promise Ring. Who could ever get sick of really convincing and well-conceived pop music? I had always assumed the existence of a glass ceiling on these guys in terms of musical development, but their pop sensibilities and amazing live shows keep me clamoring for more and buying everything they release.
This EP progresses from the ideas of the Ring’s last album, Nothing Feels Good, and is perhaps a glimpse into what their next full length will have to offer. Boys + Girls is certainly not a dramatic departure from Nothing Feels Good, rather an expansion of that album’s infectious hooks and interesting song progressions.
With the exception of the Backstreet Boys, this is clearly my favorite act voted "hot new band" by Teen People (although rest assured I’ll keep reading in hopes of finding about something this good again!).

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