The Loved Ones [I]The Loved Ones[/I] Review

The Loved Ones self-titled five track EP will definitely wet your appetite until their full-length drops.

Dave Hause (The Curse), Michael Cotterman (Kid Dynamite), and Michael Sneeringer (Trail By Fire) play a version of punk-rock unlike their past outfits. The Philadelphia based The Loved Ones rocks a pleasant-sounding version of punk-rock that’s not as in-your-face as anticipating ears may have desired from ex-members of much admired hot blooded punk/hardcore outfits, but their new direction won’t disappoint.

Not too fast, yet upbeat, The Loved Ones moderately-paced chord progressions jab with stinging energy. The third track, "Massive," starts out with an awesome sounding bass-line that dips and surfaces throughout the song. The tune has a slight Hot Water Music vibe with gruff vocals, thick guitar, and one hell of a heartfelt delivery. But yeah, that bass part will definitely make goose bumps arise: "I’ve taken your legs, I’ve taken your spine / And I’ll keep coming back / I’ve soaked up your blood, devoured your eyes / And I’ll keep coming back / you think you’ve got years, you think you’ve got time? / I won’t hesitate to take it away / No reason or rhyme / I’ll keep coming back."*

"Drastic" is a cool stripped-down acoustic number that contains as much emotional pull as the other four tracks on the EP. Overall, the Brian McTernan produced debut is an enjoyable release, yet there’s room for growth and inventiveness, but with what this short burst of melodic punk-rock indicates, The Loved Ones full-length will be an album to look out for.

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