The Loved Ones [I]The Loved Ones[/I] Review

The Loved Ones is one of the newest additions to Jade Tree. They are made up of made up of members of The Curse, Trial By Fire, and Kid Dynamite. Straight out of Philadelphia, The Loved Ones have produced a fun and energetic Self Titled EP.

“The Loved Ones” EP starts out with tons of energy. The CD reminds me of Millencolin mixed with The Get Up Kids. “100k” is the first track up, and starts off the EP with tons of energy. Throughout the rest of the album the intensity is kept up and really keeps the mood happy, which produces a really upbeat feel good vibe. “Drastic” is an acoustic song that slows it up a bit, but it’s still a really good song. “Candy Cane” is the last song on the album, and wraps it up really well.

If you like early Saves The Day, Get Up Kids, and other late 90’s punk rock, then you will love this album. It has a really good vibe, and is really upbeat. Head on over to Jade Tree and pick it up on the 22nd. This album gets a 4 out of 5.

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