The Loved Ones [I]The Loved Ones[/I] Review

This CD rocks my socks off. The Loved Ones contain members of Kid Dynamite, The Curse, and Trial By Fire, the most known of the three being Kid Dynamite, a Philly scene favorite for years, so I suspect this release will play well with fans of them.

This is basically a small evolution on the Punk Rock that has been in the philly area for years…. honest, raw, with a slight hint of rock and roll to make a perfectly balanced release, and certainly one that is rediculously catchy. But not only is it catchy but it’s not even close to run of the mill.

I will be playing this release quite often for some time. The only downside is the fact that it’s only 5 songs. But within the span of five songs, this band creates better music than it takes the other bands 15 songs to cover.

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