Strike Anywhere [I]To Live In Discontent[/I] Review

Really nice to catch up with all of Strike Anywhere’s non-album tracks, from the Exit English outtakes to their harder-to-find vinyl tracks. Heck, throw in covers of Gorilla Biscuits, Dag Nasty, and Cocksparrer and this is a winner, all the way. I’ve always said the truly great bands are the only ones who can pull off these collection-type, odds and sods CDs with grace, and that is certainly the case with To Live in Discontent. Also of note is that this CD includes one of Strike Anywhere’s best songs ever, the awesome "Cassandratic Equation". When it comes down to it, anything that this band touches turns to gold, the frenetic guitar chords of double Matt (Smith and Sherwood) and the positively endearing vocals of Thomas Barnett setting the foundation for one of melodic hardcore’s finest. Fitting that this Richmond, Virginia band sounds so much like Chicago’s Rise Against and vice versa (is it just me, or is there an uncanny resemblance?), considering they are the best two bands going in this genre right now. Those who missed any of the Strike Anywhere rarities along the way owe it to themselves to pick this up as soon as they can.

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