Strike Anywhere [I]To Live In Discontent[/I] Review

I’ve heard most of these songs before and if you’re a Strike Anywhere fan, then I’m sure you have, too. Most of these songs have been previously recorded and released on older seven inches but they have been compiled and put on a CD and here they are today. It’s Strike Anywhere?°¦I don’t really know what else to say to make you want to buy the CD?°¦ It’s Strike Anywhere! It’s America’s favorite political punk band exposing a slightly raw and much older style of their music. Don’t misunderstand me; they have lost no melodic quality in releasing this CD. If you have not heard Strike Anywhere, I would describe their sound as punk rock with a hint of pop. They are one of the best anthem bands out there and you will always find yourself singing along to their irresistibly melodic chorus (you might punch the air a few times, too). By all means, buy this CD and listen to it?°¦a lot! For fans of Rise Against, Good Riddance.

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