Strike Anywhere [I]To Live In Discontent[/I] Review

I don’t think I’m fit to write a review of Strike Anywhere. I just not neutral anymore. I love this band too much; there’s no way I can avoid gushing over how great they sound, even when the subject matter at hand is a collection of early material. This is the stuff that should be "embarrassing beginnings". I should just say something about how this album serves only as a tool to show you how far they’ve come, how good their new material is. Well, this assortment of miscellany does make the two full-length albums that are on the market look great, no question about that; "To Live in Discontent" just shows that even in infancy, Strike Anywhere was elite.

The main attraction among these thirteen tracks is a re-release of the "Chorus of One" six-song EP, a harbinger of the brilliant "Change is a Sound" album to come. Also included are the two songs that comprised the band’s 7" contribution to the "Fat Club" Fat Wreck Chords held a few years back. One of these tracks, "Antidote", is a contender for best Strike Anywhere song ever, one of their melodic masterpieces. Rounding it off is a long-lost "Exit English" track, an obscure demo song, and three covers. The final song, a cover of Cock Sparrer’s "Where Are They Now?" sounds fantastic.

Whether you’re meeting Strike Anywhere for the first time, or completing your collection thus-far, "To Live In Discontent" is a mandatory purchase from the band I consider the best punk band around today.

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