Strike Anywhere [I]Exit English[/I] Review

Strike Anywhere is one of those bands that I don’t think has it in them to put out a bad song. Once I heard their release "Change Is A Sound," I was instantly hooked on this Richmond, Virginia five piece. To make me love them even more, their latest release on Jade Tree, "Exit English," is nothing short of amazing.

I wouldn’t have thought they could have written a better opening track for an album than  "You’re Fired" off "Change Is A Sound." But their opening two-track combo, “We Amplify” / “Blaze,” is an excellent, hard-hitting duo that makes one excellent song. Throughout the album, every song is strong and forceful, leaning a bit more on the melodic side than their last record. And it sounds great.

The lyrics are brilliant . . . one of the biggest reasons why I love this band. Political lyrics that are true and well informed is a huge plus with me. Thomas Barnett’s vocals on this album are top-notch, as is the overall musicianship and production.

I’d have to say my favorite songs on this album are "We Amplify," "Blaze," and "To The World." If you haven’t heard any of the songs off of it, head over to and stream the entire album. If you’re new to Strike Anywhere altogether, check out for band info and streaming mp3s from their first full length. I recommend this album to absolutely anyone and everyone who is a fan of the punk scene. It is amazing.

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