Strike Anywhere [I]Exit English[/I] Review

As much as one could love or hate this band, there is one thing that stands out in both minds; the sheer brilliance in this bands music, lyrics and the intelligence that they bring with it. Strike Anywhere are probably one of today’s best bands based on political and world reasoning. Exit English is a true spectacle on how a band can keep the streak going, what an astonishing record is all I can say. With more passionate lyrics than a love story this record should quite easily be one of the best records of 2003, easily. There isn’t a bad or out of place song on this album, each has its own brilliant sound with a set of heartfelt and justifying lyrics.

The album starts off with the first track Amplify; sitting in at just over a minute it is quite easily one of the best introductory tracks I’ve heard on a record. The next track "Blaze" is another awe-inspiring song that is greatly sung by front man Thomas Barnett, the song is amply like many songs off of Change is a Sound. By track three "Infrared" the band have already got you into the album, this song is also the song for the bands upcoming video, I see no reason why it shouldn’t be, this is a song where that sheer brilliance really shines. The brilliance doesn’t end yet with the next song "To The World" a song clearly about the world today that contains some very hearty lyrics "I pledge allegiance to the world until the last lock breaks none of us are free none of us are free we fight to balance our minds petty powers pushing profits over our lifetimes…"

New Architects is the next song on the agenda, this time a step down on the furious speed that the band are so very good at. The song isn’t thoroughly slower, but at times you will get the anger of a scream, which I find perfectly suit’s the album. Light’s Go Out is the sixth track on the album, and again is a full speed ahead fit of rage faced at the wars the world is faced with today. Fifth Estate is the next song, this is another song just over one minute long, but again has a story worth hearing in it.

The next two tracks are "Modern Life" and "Aluminum Union" both tracks are a great combination of bitter and fierce feelings to them, a raw sound that is undoubtedly a trademark sound that Strike Anywhere hold. The tenth track "Extinguish" has a very broad sound to it, with strong vocals and lyrics at the same time. The last two tracks on this album are "In The Fingernails" and "`Til Days Shall Be No More" both with a story of war and a sound of depth and emphasis that matches no other.

Exit English is and will remain to be my favorite album of 2003, with a great deal of intensity. This album is a plus for anyone that has been a fan of Strike Anywhere from when they start up until five minutes ago, and for anyone that like an intense sound with real meaning and heartfelt lyrics. The artwork is also a standout on the album, some of the best CD artwork I’ve seen for a CD in ages, or maybe ever?

Standout Tracks:
01. We Amplify
02. Blaze
03. Infrared
07. To The World
10. Modern Life

Rating: 10/10

Track list:
01. We Amplify
02. Blaze
03. Infrared
04. 5th Estate
05. Lights Go Out
06. New Architects
07. To the World
08. Aluminum Union
09. Extinguish
10. Modern Life
11. Life in the Fingernails
12. ‘Til Days Shall Be No More

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