Strike Anywhere [I]Exit English[/I] Review: 3.5 stars (out of 4)

Richmond, Va., seems to churn out great political punk bands like a factory — a factory controlled by the workers, of course. And Strike Anywhere is the latest to rise from the scene. The way the quintet mixes tight hardcore punk with moving melodies makes every song an inspiration.

The drums and guitars bounce off each other like moshers in “Infrared” as singer Thomas Barnett bemoans the world’s lies and sings of “children’s lives spent sewing up our cheap disguise.”

“To the World” is a call to action where Barnett goes from singing to full throat-shredding scream and back as he pledges his allegiance to the world because “until the last lock breaks, none of us are free.”

My favorite might be the restless “Extinguish” with a melancholy chorus rising from the ashes that urges us to be “united by what we do, not who we labor for.”

Inspirational lyric: “Though there’s blood on the nightsticks, it’s never too late.”

Time code: 12 songs in 31 minutes.

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