Statistics [I]Leave Your Name[/I] Review

Denver Dalley hails from Omaha, home to some of indie rock’s finest bands – among them, Desparecidos, the band he co-fronts with Conor Oberst. Though Desparecidos may be what Dalley is currently best known for, Leave Your Name could change that. Statistics, Dalley’s one-man side project, dabbles in electronics to create experimental, at times spacey, indie rock. Clocking in at just under a half-hour, the album is extremely consistent with one track melding seamlessly into the next. The opener "Sing a Song" kicks things off with huge guitars riffs, catchy choruses and well-placed synths. "Hour Seemed Like Days," which draws the most influence from Desparecidos, is another standout and is the only song on the album from last year’s Statistics’ self-titled EP. Other highlights include "The Grass Is Always Greener," which features Cure-like synths, and the lush and dreamy "2 A.M."

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