I’m not sure how, where or from whom I heard of the Atlanta-based band Snowden before. I mean, people are constantly telling me about bands or asking me if I’ve heard of bands. It all becomes a blur after a while. But the name Snowden, for some reason was familiar to me. So, when I got a press release about them singing with Jade Tree records and preparing for the August 22nd release of their debut album with an MP3 link attached I was quick to click it.

Within seconds of clicking the link I found myself furiously nodding my head along to the infectious rhythm of "Anti Anti," the title track from the forthcoming album I mentioned. And had it not been 5 AM I would have surely been stamping my feet and clapping along as well. I’m just too courteous to my neighbors though. Anyway, "Anti Anti" is one of those songs. You know, the kind of rock song that gets you snapping your neck, singing along and wishing you had an egg-shaker, cowbell or tambourine to bang on as you dance around your apartment to it. Then again, maybe that’s just me? The only way to find out is to give it a listen yourself.

Just make sure you go appologize to your neighbors for all the dancing noises and shouts of "whooooooo" that they might hear emanating from your abode during playback.

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