“New York crowds are infamous for being quiet between songs,” lead singer/guitarist Jordan Jeffares of Snowden announced from the stage of Sin-e, “They actually want to hear the bands?°¦that’s so rare.” The Atlanta-based band deserved the hushed awe they got each time they paused between songs just a little too long for people to maintain cheering and clapping. The band could easily coast by on the quality of their songwriting, which falls into that whole indie pop vein, leaning heavily towards the darker rock side of the genre. However, it’s clear they aren’t willing to just turn on the cruise control through the show; the performance is more like a constant pulse between implosion and explosion with each member able to flail or pull back seamlessly. They complained a little about being tired after a long drive, but by the end Jeffares was so covered in sweat from the energetic performance that they couldn’t have been too tired!

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