Hailing from Atlanta, Snowden has assumed the lead position of bands that I am currently discovering and quickly taking a liking to their talent. At first listen, the band seemed an odd fit as the openers for The Kings of Leon, but understanding the direction that Kings have gone with their most recent released ?°»Because
of the Times’, which seems to be exploring new musical grounds and sounds, the pairing makes more sense. Nathan from Kings told me earlier in the day that Snowden is his favorite band currently, and if that was just a nod being they are the supporting act or not, I could understand it being a sincere statement after witnessing their short stint on stage Wednesday night. I haven’t been so entertained by a performance from a new band, since I came across those Silversun Pickup kids at SXSW 2006.

The short set, due to a developing storm and granting the headliners their due time on stage, touched on my favorites Like Bullets and Anti Anti, and showcased two basses on Filler is Wasted. Reminiscent of Joy Division and Interpol at times, Snowden take the time to explore the space and time within the songs that they craft not subjecting themselves to standard song structure, and they work them into a fury of energy and explosive release that is stimulating to witness live. They have their own style, the songs are well crafted, and each one off of the current release Anti Anti are quickly growing on me, as I can’t seem to pull this cd out of the player.
If these guys are coming to your town with Kings of Leon, I insist that you get there early for Snowden who are going to be taking the stage soon enough as the main course.

Go for more photos compliments of Valerie Fremin.

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