Pretty Good. How good? Pretty Darn.

This record has some of the best Alkaline Trio stuff to date in my opinion. The first two tracks are new and unreleased, and sound similar to their latest release on Vagrant records, “From Here To Infirmary”. Their third track is an excellent cover of Hot Water Music’s “Rooftops”, from their Some Records release titled “No Division”.

As for Hot Water Music, they cover Alkaline Trio’s “Bleeder” from their Asian Man Records release, “I lied my face off” CDEP, as well as “Radio” from another Asian Man Full Length release “Maybe I’ll Catch Fire”. Of their two previously unreleased tracks, “God Deciding” is pretty much one of the best hot water songs I have heard, but the other song, “Russian Roulette” in my opinion was a little weak.

Overall, this record was great and I am looking forward to others in the Jade Tree split series.

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