Pedro the Lion Roars, but Quietly

When Pedro the Lion comes to Omaha Monday, the Seattle band is more likely to purr than roar.

The group – led by singer/songwriter David Bazan – is on a U.S. tour to promote its fourth full-length album, "Achilles Heel," released in May on Jade Tree Records.

Alternative Press called it "a heartbreakingly brilliant album that unravels itself slowly if you just stop and listen."

The mellow, minimalist album is typical Pedro the Lion fare.

"A lot of the songs tend to be sort of sad," Bazan said. "People are generally pretty into it. What is good about this album is slightly below the surface."

Indeed, after a few listens, the beauty of the band’s thought-provoking songs laced with lyrical narratives becomes evident.

In the song "The Fleecing," Bazan sings: "Deep green hills whose shoulders fade into thick grey/ tall wet grass whose flesh makes fools of grazing sheep/ whose fleecing makes a fool of me/ who shall I blame for this sweet and heavy trouble/ for every stupid struggle I don’t know."

Accompanying Bazan, who also plays guitar, is bass player Ken Maiuri and drummer TW Walsh. When their tour ends July 10, Bazan looks forward to seeing his wife, who is expecting their first child in October. It won’t be a long homecoming, because the band starts touring again in August.

Opening Monday’s concert at Sokol Underground is San Francisco singer-songwriter John Vanderslice.

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