Pedro the Lion [I]Achilles Heel[/I] Review

David Bazan’s last outing as Pedro The Lion, ‘Control’, was a conceptually-rich and emotionally-harrowing masterpiece, chronicling one man’s life, true love, betrayal and eventual death. ‘Achilles’ Heel’ finds him with a slightly sunnier outlook, although those same themes remain intact, all the time underpinned by Bazan’s persistent questioning of his own Christianity. ‘Keep Swinging’ is an upbeat number that recalls the work of the recently-reformed Sebadoh, whilst acoustic closer ‘The Poison’ – lyrical documentation of an individual’s decent into alcoholism notwithstanding – ensures that as ‘Achilles’ Heel’ fades to silence you’re more likely to be grinning than looking for something to open a vein with. Bazan will never sound truly happy on record, but here he’s as content as anyone could have hoped for, and all the healthier for it.


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