New band from Seattle. I have to say, Seattle has a lot of interesting new bands with sophisticated texture in the past years or so. Panda & Angel is another sweet adition to that growing list. Take their first public track ?°»Dangerous’ from soon to be release first ?°»Panda & Angel’ EP, it has soft ambient opening hook, a shoegazer guitar riff, and Carrie Murphy’s voice. Overall, it sounds like a pretty child of 80’s new wave and shoegazer with some electronica sensibility. Well behaved, but not quite right. Yumm?°¦

To achieve the rich sound texture, Panda & Angel’ crew size is practically an army division, with enough programmers to fill a small Microsoft far east office. Here is the list: Carrie Murphy (vocals, guitar), Josh Wackerly (guitar, electronics), Kara Kikuchi (keyboards, samples), Laura Enderle (bass, samples), Zaun Zehner (drums, electronics), Holly ashinhurst (cello), penny Chilton (saw). They could use more practice time for tighter corners tho’. But hey, it’s their first EP.

Look for mid summer release, could be season’s favorite.

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