PAINT IT BLACK [I]New Lexicon[/I] Review

PAINT IT BLACK – New Lexicon {Jade Tree} The third album from this Philadelphia quartet and it’s an unrelenting, unforgiving and innovative masterpiece. Most are probably familiar with PAINT IT BLACK’s brand of HC; it’s structured, vitriolic and experimental and rarely relies on flat-out thrash (although when the band does floor the accelerator, you better get outta the way!). It’s kinda like FUCKED UP meeting AVAIL with some pulverising distorted rhythms and electronic noise that only BIG BLACK has equalled (check out ?°»We Will Not’ for evidence). Dan Yemin’s vocals are bitter; spat out with a disdain that evokes Vic Bondi at his most seething. The corrosive power of PAINT IT BLACK is captured perfectly in J. Robbins’ wall-of-sound production and the whole thing is wrapped in a tres artistic sleeve. Highlights? Get real – each and every track baby! BIG contender for the greatest slab of 2008.

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