Formed by ex and current members of such bands as Lifetime, Kid Dynamite and Good Riddance, Paint It Black is a four piece hardcore band that really blew me away from the start. These hardcore punk band has been able to release an amazing record of 17 songs in less that 19 minutes, which means … fucking fast and furious! And if fact Paint It Black is the fastest band I heard in such a long time. With fast blasting tunes as "Anesthesia", "Void" and tracks like "Less Deicide, More Minor Threat", "Bravo, Another Beautiful "Fuck You" Song" or the sarcastic "Atticus Finch", Paint It Black delivers unabashed, uncompromising hardcore, negating the preconceived boundaries between the personal, political, melodic and aggressive, accentuating a much-appreciated axiom: maximum intensity. The record is one of the finest that Jade Tree ever released, not to mention, one of the finest hardcore punk album of this year.

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