Paint It Black [I]CVA[/I] Review

Bracing, politically-charged punk rock has been beating itself over the head with its own rhetoric for years now. For every Fugazi or Nation of Ulysses, there are 150 lesser-known, marginally talented groups re-treading the same ground. While they’ve got an impressive punk pedigree (members have done time in Kid Dynamite, Lifetime and Good Riddance and lead singer Dan Yemin is an honest-to-god Psy D.), Paint It Black don’t deviate much from the two-minute, vitriol-spewing formula upon which Minor Threat built an entire movement. Setting out like it has more than a little something to prove, CVA blows in like a typhoon, delivering seventeen mini-sermons in less than thirty minutes. Though their basic propaganda is timely and well-versed, it’s their more tongue-in-cheek stabs that really shine; "Bravo, Another Beautiful ‘Fuck You’ Song" and "This Song is Short Because it’s not Political" are biting without being sanctimonious, shot through with a hellacious zeal and mock hilarity that’s noticeably absent from the remainder of the set.

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