Paint It Black [I] Paradise[/I] Review

Quite possibly my favorite hardcore band, I knew that the new Paint it Black album was going to be nothing short than amazing, and Paradise exceeded those expectations. I listened to this CD four times in a row the day it came in the mail, and its been getting steady listens since then.

Every song is memorable and the longer songs aren’t all that much longer (a minute and a half instead of just under a minute). It seems like Paint it Black looked at ways to improve on CVA, and they did just that. The anger is still there and they’ve also added some melody: hardcore style. Every now and then, I hear a guitar riff that would fit in on a Kid Dynamite album (I heard this on CVA as well, and it is to be expected since they had the same songwriter). This is not a bad thing at all, just an observation.

This is true hardcore bliss. After listening to Paradise, I can honestly say that I’d rather have Paint it Black (and None More Black-kind of a two instead of one deal) than Kid Dynamite. Yes, this album (and band) is that fucking good.

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