Paint It Black [I] Paradise[/I] Review

I’ve been waiting for “Paradise” to come out after about two listens of the last full length “CVA”. Seeing them at Posi #’s last summer only pumped me up even more. There was a point around three months ago that I literally NEEDED to hear more Paint It Black like a normal human being requires food, air and water. This band is just that good. They have done no wrong from their demo to the present and, likely, never will. Featuring Dan from Kid Dynamite doing vocals and Dave from Kid Dynamite/Good Riddance on drums this band takes hardcore punk in a direction a lot of bands attempt but usually end up failing miserably at in the process. They manage to perfectly balance being melodic and utilizing absolutely brutal vocals without being ?°»too heavy’ or ?°»too poppy’. The drumming from Dave Wagenshutz is flawless with some of the most inventive fills I’ve heard since Jarrod Alexander in The Suicide File. For fans of hardcore or people who just enjoy good, powerful, ROCKING music in general: Paint It Black is definitely a band you should check out. Catch them live if you get the chance.

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