Paint It Black [I] Paradise[/I] Review

Although some may argue that Dan Yemin was at his best with his guitar work in Lifetime and Kid Dynamite, I would say that he’s found his niche as a vocalist on this second full length from Paint it Black. Upon hearing CVA (the first record) I was a little disappointed, but any disappointment left over from that release has been completely made up for on Paradise. This is a collection of fourteen blistering and intense hardcore songs that will hopefully make kids stop wearing their Chain of Strength shirts in exchange for a new Paint it Black tee. This band is more relevant and important than ever and with the loss of bands like the Nerve Agents and American Nightmare, we’re lucky to have such a raw and refreshing look at punk. The artwork and production (J.Robbins) is exceptional. Who knew that a child psychologist from Philly and his boys could continue to kick out the jams in light of considerable challenges. Please do yourself a favor and get this album.

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