onelinedrawing [I]Visitor[/I] Review

"It’s not a concept album, but maybe it’s a context album." This is how Onelinedrawing (a.k.a. Jonah Rzadzinski Matranga known from another little project called Far) sums up his latest creation. The album opens with a delicate acoustic guitar and keyboards in the background. But it’s the voice, sounding almost naked, that drives the song home in "Um…" The rest of the album is a mixture of joyful tunes that brings to mind what a teenager might do if they had their own studio and songs of abandoned love by a slightly older soul. The album was recorded over a period of three years in various studios as a solo project with various friends rotating in to play keyboards, drums etc. The result is an album that reflects the alienation and camaraderie Jonah must feel at times being a musician.

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