onelinedrawing [I]Visitor[/I] Review

The new trend of solo singer-songwriters being known by a seductively heartfelt and seemingly larger band name (props to Dashboard Confessional and Pedro the Lion) applies to Onelinedrawing, though the music is way more fulfilling. Jonah Matranga, also of New End Original, delicately bears his isolation through naked voice and soft instrumentation. Be forewarned, don’t listen to Visitor hoping to hear more gut-wrenching and heartbroken lyrics. In fact, it’s hard to tell if Onelinedrawing speaks even once at all about a girl. Drum machine bass beats, contorted vocals and intricate guitar work create songs very different from each other all on one album which is very refreshing considering – though unfortunate – Matranga will definitely be compared to either Billy Corgan or the evil, evil Dashboard. With this in mind, I expected all the songs to sound the same if not resembling the same songwriting structure. This is totally not the case as Matranga’s lyrics cry honestly without being superfluous. This is an amazing album and should be seen as an entity in its own multi-layered beauty and poignancy. Now, if only Jewel would have caught on to this new indie rock trend maybe her music (and poetry) wouldn’t suck so badly.

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