Nonstop touring without a Breather for new band

Young bands have to pay their dues, even it means playing with subpar openers. "Oh, man, the local bands they keep booking to open these shows have been bad," laughs Breather Resist guitarist Evan Patterson. "I mean, it’s always like that, but these are just exceptionally bad."

But fans need not worry, when the Kentucky band headlines at Josh Kelly’s in Cromwell tonight, two other quality national acts will open, Lickgoldensky and Coliseum.

No matter what bands kick off the show, though, Breather Resist will be there to aggressively finish off the night with its brand of hardcore punk containing a surprisingly melodic core.

"It’s really frustrating when we get compared to metal bands," says Patterson. "We always hear we sound like Converge or The Dillinger Escape Plan. It’s like people just hear a heavy band and just automatically compare them to those bands." The guitarist says he fears being lumped in with those bands, not wanting people to think they are part of the new metal fad: grunting lyrics over mishmash guitars.

"We come from a punk background. I used to listen to all those SST and Dischord bands, Dinosaur Jr. and Black Flag."

But, the band does make very heavy music. Beginning with "An Insomniac’s Complexion," Breather Resist’s debut full-length record, "Charmer," features loud, yet complex music. "Insomniac" brims with full-throttle guitars, intricate chord changes and grunting lyrics: the typical metal recipe. When that song ends, though, the band’s true sound escapes.

Breather Resist formed two years ago, quickly enamoring itself within a vital Louisville scene. Combining the chaotic sounds of Today is the Day with the more complex elements of Fugazi, the band released a violent and brooding EP, "Only in the Morning," in March 2003. But the mini-album lacked personality, something the band desperately craves, says Patterson.

"We want to be unique," he explains. "I want the kids in the bad opening bands to be able to easily tell the difference between our band and theirs."

• What: Breather Resist with Lickgoldensky, Coliseum
• When: 6:30 tonight
• Where: Josh Kelly’s, 41 Willowbrook Road, Cromwell
• Tickets: $7
• Info: Tickets only at door, no number

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