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>>Ask the Experts: SEAN AGNEW

Next Big Bands: Rambo, Paint It Black, Pearls and Brass, and Pissed Jeans

"Often Philly punk hardcore bands are looked over by the papers here in Philadelphia. Rambo from West Philadelphia will be going on their second Southeast Asia tour in a few months and planning their South America tour later this summer. I found it amusing when a certain local band was bitching about how no one cared or was attending their local shows, and here you have Rambo self-booking a tour in countries and cities where American bands have never ever played. Sit down and think about it-these guys are emailing kids they never met halfway across the world and finalizing the details about playing in these tiny remote villages. What local indie bands have even left the tristate area, let alone the country? Paint It Black released what seems to be the No. 1 punk record of the year, according to a bunch of punk and hardcore-related websites. They’ll be touring the States and Europe this year, as well as releasing their third record, which should mean real big things for them. Two Philly bands to look out for: Pearls and Brass. Their latest record on Drag City destroys-they’re insanely good. And Pissed Jeans, who have a zillion labels interested in them right now and just finalized plans to release an EP on Sub Pop later this year. I’m so excited for both of them and can’t wait to finally brag about two full rock bands from the city that are fucking fantastic!" (N.F.)

Sean Agnew runs R5 Productions.

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