New Statistics Album Due in July

In his ongoing efforts to distance himself from the great double-LP shadow of his former bandmate Conor Oberst and the Saddle Creek scene in general, Denver Dalley (of Desaparecidos) will release his second album under the Statistics moniker on July 12 via Jade Tree. Entitled Often Lie (a obvious yet somewhat endearing play on the band’s name), the record will contain nine tracks, and may even deviate from the sound of the last year’s debut Leave Your Name, which, if you believe our estimable reviewer Alan Smithee, is a good thing. According to his press release, Dalley says, "I think the main reason that this album sounds so different from the last one is a lot of those [older] songs, I wrote when I was at home or sitting with a keyboard, whereas this Often Lie is more written on the road last year." Less electronic noodling, more road-tested chops? These nine songs will decide if that’s all talk:

01 Final Broadcast
02 Nobody Knows Your Name
03 Say You Will
04 No Promises
05 A Foreward
06 By(e) Now
07 Begging to Be Heard
08 At the End
09 10.22

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