Before I write about this actual release, I feel the need to mention that the CD version of Don’t Believe was released by Jade Tree. I just bought the vinyl version because No Idea was having a super cheap sale.

A lot of bands seem to have been studying the Kid Dynamite handbook before writing their songs. Some friends of mine are getting a little fed up with the carbon copy hero worship (not me, however, as I’d rather have bands taking influence from this style than a lot of others out there….plus, these bands do the genre justice), but I bet they’d enjoy New Mexican Disaster Squad, who add some ferocious hardcore and draw out their songs a bit more. NMDS take influences from Strike Anywhere, Paint it Black, old punk bands and the already mentioned Kid Dynamite, turning them into a style that is their own. Their music is a bit on the sloppy side, which gives it a real punk rock authenticity. There are some songs that need some fine tuning, but Don’t Believe is a pretty damn solid album all around. Fans of melodic punk rejoice, as a new band has joined ship to grace your eardrums.

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