New End Original Splinters

What was once dubbed an "emo supergroup" is now just a couple of dudes looking for new bandmates.

Yesterday New End Original announced it had lost both drummer Charlie Walker and bass player Scott Winegard. According to a statement posted by singer/guitarist Jonah Matranga, both left due to personal issus in their lives.

"(It was) very strange and sudden. There were no fights beyond the normal tour-stress band blowups, and there were lots of really happy things stuffed into the nine months that were playing; it was just stuff in their lives, and we have to respect that," he said on his web site.

Matranga, who used to front Far, and guitarist Norman Arenas, formerly of Texas is the Reason and Shelter, will continue to play together. Matranga was optimistic about New End Original’s future, though cautioned fans to be patient.

"It’s really going to come down to finding other people to play with," he wrote. "We’re definitely not going to force it, it has to be a band that feels strong. The main promise I can make is that we’re not gonna make anything half-way."

The Matrangas/Arnea/Winegard/Walker lineup was only together long enough to record a single album, Thriller (2001, Jade Tree),

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