Milemarker [I]Anaesthetic[/I] Review

While some have written off Milemarker’s new sound as "too Siouxie and the Banshees," I contend that it’s pretty rad. The first effort from the band since they moved to Chicago and changed labels, Anaesthetic finds Milemarker shifting their focus from solely hardcore to some bizarre synthesis of hardcore and new wave. The album opening "Shrink To Fit" is a danceable, synth-laden track which showcases the band’s three vocalists-guitarist Dave Laney, bassist/keyboardist Al Burian and keyboardist Roby Newton.
Newton’s vocals don’t sound like other chick singers, blending a gut-deep ferocity with an expansive emotional and vocal range. The results are capable of making you want to attend a house of worship ("Food For Worms") or break shit ("Installment Plan"). In fact, Newton’s singing so overshadows that of her male counterparts that the one song featuring only Burian and Laney’s vocals, "The Fear Is Back In Town," is the only of the record’s seven tracks that falls flat. Despite this shortcoming, the expansive, more angular pop arrangements that fill Anaesthetic work to create a cohesive and engaging post-punk whole

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