Micah P. Hinson Trades Codeine For The Opera Circuit

Abilene, Texas singer/songwriter Micah P. Hinson navigated his way through a maze of freak injury, drug addiction and surgery while assembling his latest album, Micah P. Hinson And The Opera Circuit.

The new record, due out October 10 on Jade Tree, follows The Baby And The Satellite EP. It’s an account of the two most dismal years of the young musician’s life.

"I was in hospital for weeks," says Hinson. "I couldn’t turn myself for over a month, had a walker, a corset, shower chair, as I couldn’t properly stand, I had to piss sitting down for a while, basically a living nightmare."

Hinson’s rough time came about after the release of his critically acclaimed 2004 debut, Micah P. Hinson And The Gospel Of Progress, because of a seemingly harmless prank. A punch in the back from a friend right before he was about to embark on a European tour led to chronic and debilitating pain.

Hinson was forced to rely on medication while performing, and he subsequently became addicted to Codeine, Soma, Xanax, Neurontin and other prescription drugs that he had an earlier addiction to before the release of his first album. After returning home, he was admitted to hospital and had surgery on his ailing back.

"The reason why I tell you all these things is because I want you to see and read where my life was when I began and finished this new full-length record," Hinson says. "I did the majority of the recordings sitting around the house during the times I could actually get out of bed. Friends came to Abilene from all over to record their parts."

The friends that Hinson speaks of include Eric Bachmann (Archers Of Loaf, Crooked Fingers), who arranged the strings and horns and played saxophone, and Gospel Of Progress collaborator H. Da Massa, who travelled from England to play harmonica. Eleven other musicians also contributed, while Hinson produced the album and played a wide variety of instruments.

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