Lords [I]Swords[/I] Review: "The Rebirth of Extreme Cool"

Nice to see Louisville, KY picking up the emocore banner, heavy as the Iwo Jima flag and languishing for years as the proverbial Kids Today labor under the impression that emo begins and ends with the Promise Ring (or the Blood Brothers, for that matter). Emocore used to mean Nation of Ulysses, hose.got.cable, Hoover, Shotmaker and all those other acts on Old Glory Records. Those motherfuckers screamed liked they were on fire, their SGs moaned accordingly and the late, lamented Number Two was the fanzine to read. (Keith Werwa, where are you?) Do you remember when? Yeah, so do I.

Anyway, speaking of Promise Ring, this monster is on the label that made those cats famous, and along with fellow Louisvillian anvil-heavy emo revivalists Breather Resist (who took their name from a Hoover song), Lords seem to be a brutal atonement for years of lite emo Jade Tree gave us. Chris Owens’ growl ?°»n’ howl delivers like Domino’s, his guitar gouging sharp, nasty cuts into the songs. Their trio-ness is somehow refreshing—no need for a singer who can’t pull his instrumental weight here. Swords is pure blasting cap-core, a sitcom length clobber that drop-kicks you into ’93 while pulling you back to the here-and-now of sweaty basement shows and scenes that never, ever die.

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