KID DYNAMITE [I]Cheap Shots, Youth Anthems[/I] Review: 9 out of 10

It’s Kid Dynamite, and they’re one of the best bands ever, need I say more? Well, I guess if you’re a fan and you want the low-down on this release it goes like this: Songs from every compilation and split release, cover songs, the original six song demo, a live radio appearance, as well as assorted demo versions of Kid Dynamite classics. Twenty-nine tracks in all as well as a DVD of never before seen live footage and photos as well as flyers. Without a doubt, this is something you have to have. Don’t be stupid, get this release. Damn this band was amazing. Members went on to join or start the following current bands: Paint In Black, Good Riddance and None More Black. For fans of: Lifetime, None More Black, Good Riddance, Strike Anywhere, Trial By Fire.

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