KID DYNAMITE [I]Cheap Shots, Youth Anthems[/I] Review

This band really needs no introduction.  Just say the words Kid Dynamite and you will get a plethora of responses.  Cheap Shots, Youth Anthems is a catalogue somewhat of Kid Dynamites short but illustrious career.  The first set of songs are from compilations and splits, followed by five covers including a very cool cover of The Clash’s ‘Hateful’ and Minor Threats ‘I Don’t Wanna Hear It’.  It also includes the original six-song demo and live versions of Kid Dynamite classics.  The layout is very cool where each song gets an explanation of what was going on with Kid Dynamite at that time and how it was recorded.     The record concludes with KD doing a humorous radio-show in Philadelphia.  Oh yea and to top it off you get a DVD packed with live footage, photos, and flyers.  This is great for any Kid Dynamite fan to add to their collection.  Even if you are not a fan of Kid Dynamite and want to learn more about the band this would be a good place to start

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