KID DYNAMITE [I]Cheap Shots, Youth Anthems[/I] Review

I don’t know what I can say to do KID DYNAMITE justice. Few bands have had more of an influence on me than these Philly punk rockers. Even two years after they disbanded, KID DYNAMTE is still prolific and highly praised. This band, quite simply, rips. With “Cheap Shots, Youth Anthems”, the band has put out a record that should broaden their fan base as well as show appreciation towards their fans from when they were still together. “Cheap Shots…” offers up some covers of legendary bands like THE CLASH and BLACK FLAG while also releasing B-sides and a nifty little DVD. Even the booklet on this album is amazing. For a band that only released two full lengths and a split, KID DYNAMITE has managed to bury themselves in the archives of the greatest hardcore punk bands of my lifetime during their three-year existence.

Since their breakup in 2000, the members of KID DYNAMITE have gone on to well-documented futures. Jason Schevchuk took a brief music hiatus before making a return to the scene with NONE MORE BLACK. Guitarist Dan Yemin has picked up vocal duties with the throwback hardcore PAINT IT BLACK. David Wagenshultz went on to play in GOOD RIDDANCE. For all of their new (and generally awesome) projects, KID DYNAMITE will always be considered the highlight of their careers by many fans. “Cheap Shots…” does the band justice, providing further insight into the actual members of the band and the song writing process as well as the bands that influence them. The DVD is a teaser for a KID DYNAMITE DVD that should appeal to everyone who has ever picked up a KID DYNAMITE album. “Cheap Shots” isn’t a “best of” album by any means, but it is a genuine display of the band’s short-lived career. The demos are excellent and the covers are unique (as well as gutsy). The live radio tracks are great for those who are loyal fans. For anyone looking to get into KID DYNAMITE, “Cheap Shots…” is a great introduction to the band and you should go buy a copy right away. For older fans of KID DYNAMITE, “Cheap Shots…” will induce a tinge of nostalgia after rocking your brains out, so buy it. If you’ve never heard of KID DYNAMITE, buy it. Get the general idea here?

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