Joan of Arc Burns at Stake

After five years and four albums, Joan of Arc has officially called a cease-fire in its war against preconceived pop notions.

Though the atmospheric post-rock outfit made waves in indie circles, the band’s techie post-rock sound never made much impact on the mainstream. Nonetheless, the band continued to push the envelope of expression throughout its career. The band didn’t cite any reasons in its decision to split.

The decision isn’t an out-of-the-blue shocker, however. The band’s front man, Tim Kinsellas had already released a series of solo recordings on Troubleman Unlimited (read full story), and rumors had circulated about the band’s imminent demise for some time.

Joan of Arc does leave its fans with a final glimpse of its inner workings, however. How Can Any Thing So Little Be Any More? features eight songs taken from sessions from last year’s The Gap (Jade Tree) (read Aversion’s review), though the songs included have a much more straightforward feel than the twittering blend of synth pop and post-hardcore of The Gap. How Can Any Thing So Little Be Any More? is scheduled for a May 15 release.

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