It would have been Great if Were Just Alkaline Trio

I was surprised to learn that Jade Tree was coming out with an Alkaline Trio / Hot Water Music split, and eagerly anticipated its release. Alkaline Trio lived up to my expectations with three excellent songs. Chicago’s finest followed the trend of their latest release "From Here To Infirmary", which featured mid tempo rock with splashes of punk. I especially enjoyed their cover of Hot Water Music’s "Rooftops". The vocals as usual were excellent, however, I wish they could write more uplifting lyrics once in while, as in the case of "While You’re Waiting". Meanwhile, I thought the Hot Water Music songs didn’t compare to Alk3. Hot Water Music kind of reminds me of early Alkaline Trio, as their sound is very unrefined. The instrumentation seemed to be very average emo, with the usual fare of monotonous guitar rythms. The vocals were very rough, almost scratchy in nature and very different from the polished smooth vocals of Alkaline Trio. While I know this is what Hot Water Music is like, their cover of "Radio" really jerked around a lot; their cover of "Bleeder" wasn’t much of an inprovement over the original as well. I am confident that Hot Water Music will continue to improve their sound, but they have a long way to go. Nevertheless, I’d still reccommend this to anyone who likes Alkaline Trio and Hot Water Music. Jade Tree’s Split Series is a great way to showcase talented bands that aren’t normally on its label, and it’s always interesting to see different bands cover the songs of the bands they personally like.

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