Fury [I]Resurrection[/I] Review

You may never have heard of Fury. I had never heard about them prior to the news that for the first time ever the music was to be on cd, courtesy of Jade Tree. So when it came in the mail, I was totally interested. There isn’t anything in the world better than Washington DC area hardcore. Bands like Embrace, Minor Threat, and Rites of Spring built a solid and long standing tradition of the best hardcore in the US. And Fury lives up to the standard. Musically it’s like Negative Approach and Minor Threats rabid love child. Fusing jagged riffs with Chris Thomson’s incredible vocals, driving basslines, and run-amok drumbeats, this is a 12 minute kick in the face. But in a good way. It’s hardcore in it’s essence: fast and angry. Stand out tracks are "Psycho" and "Space Love" but don’t take that to mean that the other songs aren’t incredible: they are. It’s just a shame that Fury died out so shortly after it’s birth.

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