Fun Fun Fun Fest Review: Cap’n Jazz

Fellow Chicago-native Thax Douglas emerged on the Orange Stage to introduce Cap’n Jazz with one of his dark, unique poems as the screamo five-piece took the stage. The excited crowd seemed as though they could have literally been waiting fifteen years for this performance as fans stretched through Waterloo Park. Of course this was a highly anticipated, epic reunion and a historical showcase that marked the final performance of Cap’n Jazz’s reunion tour.

Their set was heavy, spastic, and full of nostalgia. The crowd thrashed to their early ’90s favorites – the same songs that influenced generation of post-punk and emo rockers. Tim Kinsella alternated between belting out French horn solos and waving the brass piece over his head while passionately shouting before he eventually launched himself into the crowd to surf amongst fans above the mosh pit as enthusiasm ran rampant.

Knowing all good things must come to an end, Cap’n Jazz engaged their adoring fans in an bittersweet singalong of Aha’s “Take On Me” before they wrapped up their set and the crowd mixed and mingled for Man Man.