Fucked Up March 3 at the Mercury Lounge: How good are punk shows?!

So punk shows are totally back in style, and we have to thank for that bands like Fucked Up, whose performance at the Mercury Lounge this past weekend was probably the best thing I’ve seen since I stopped going to punk shows. They played a killer set to a sold out crowd, and it was super fun running into like, 500 former scene-stars from days of yore, as well as getting bruises from moshing.

In case you’re not familiar with Fucked Up, they are this enigmatic and sometimes controversial punk band from Toronto who kind of sound like old-school, Negative Approach-style hardcore meets poppy British oi with a sort of Avail-esque thing going on as well. The singer is this bearish fellow who makes his forehead bleed during shows — he assured us on Saturday that he does not have any diseases — and they even have the requisite female bassist, which I for one think is pretty cool. Oh, and also, Jarvis Cocker is allegedly way into them. How weird/awesome is that?

Anyway, you should give them a listen:



There are pictures and videos from Fucked Up’s shows both at the Mercury Lounge and the First Unitarian Church in Philly. More of my photos — some with gratuitous "orbs" — after the jump.

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