Fucked Up [I] Year of the Pig [/I] Review

"Year of the Pig"

That’s the name of a monstrous new 18-minute song by a neo-hardcore band
from Toronto. And the name of the band? Well, suffice it to say that if
newspaper coverage were a priority, the members might have called themselves
Messed Up instead. You can find “Year of the Pig” on iTunes and elsewhere.
The 1980s Portland, Ore., band Poison Idea is an obvious influence, although
Poison Idea wasn’t known for composing multipart epics about sexism and
serial killing and the meat industry. In any case, this is an unreasonably
stubborn song, building momentum slowly as the guest singer Jennifer Castle
murmurs the lyrics (“Pigs at the trough show no fear”) and Pink Eye, the
band’s lead singer, roars them (“Pigs at the trough getting fat!”). The band
trudges slowly along for six minutes, then builds momentum, then lurches
forward, riding a relatively sleek groove as Pink Eye declaims the words
(“Ashamed of the pig in our head/Ashamed, so we kill ’em instead”) as the
band stretches up and surges forward and, finally, collapses in a heap. This
is the second installment in a series inspired by the Chinese zodiac; with
any luck, “Year of the Rat” is up next.
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