Fucked Up – “Triumph of Life” b/w “Neat Parts” 7”
(Jade Tree)
“Triumph of Life” appears here in a zippier, possibly higher-pitched version that which appears on their forthcoming Hidden World album. That record’s ability to turn hardcore’s rusty gears by a tiny yet significant amount remains to be seen, but if there’s any band/songs that could do it, it’s Fucked Up, teaching the kids to hold onto a riff and explore its undertones with strident urgency ?°¦ at least we can hope. At the very least, it’ll remind ?°»em of Lifetime, maybe. But it’s fun, and a headbangingly good time, to hear them bash through all six roaring minutes of “Triumph of Life” and never once slowing down or slipping up. The fist-pumping, one-awesome-riff-after-another school of rockin’ is in full swing here, leaking from broken blisters and bleeding all over the place. And for them, it works – little else could. “Neat Parts” isn’t even half the song, and knows it, content to bash away at three or four chords with gleeful abandon all the same. Inspiring, that punk can go this far. Mine’s on pink vinyl.

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