Euphone [I]The Calendar of Unlucky Days[/I] Review

Having drummed for punk, funk and art rock outfits, Ryan Rapsys finds his most rewarding work evolve on the solo tip. Under the moniker of Euphone, Rapsys has developed a beat-oriented project that now has a full-time collaborator. For the third Euphone release (the first album and EP being found on John Hughes III’s Hefty label), Rapsys is joined by bassist Nick Macri, a collaboration that is also represented in the band Heroic Doses. Macri complements Euphone’s soft groove vignettes by taking the heavy influence of jazz and funk on a more melodic turn. We discover hooky bass lines with the occasional catchy guitar lick augmenting the deep locked rhythms and warm keyboard vibes. The album’s sequencing has a charming flow as the wordless story seamlessly unfolds. Produced by Poster Children’s Rick Valentin and mixed by studio maven Casey Rice, the overall effect of Calendar?°¦ is an enthrallingly calm groove.

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