Euphone [I]Hashin’ It Out[/I] Review: "Authoritatively rocking"

Had to write this review after seeing one of the previous reviews…yes, this album is more energetic and eclectic then their other releases, but it works for me. Okay, I can hear the influence of Heroic Doses and 5style, but it seems that they take the best elements of those bands and combine it with their previous somber and moody style. Jacobsen’s tube-saturated, imaginative guitar lines, Rapsys’s aggresive, uninhibited drumming and Macri’s melodic, in-the-pocket basslines combine for a cool cocktail that goes down like a Mint Julep on a hot day. Whether it’s a latin, funk, post-rock or dub groove, these boys succesfully avoid cliches and labels.
Now if they would only tour the east coast more often….

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