Euphone [I]Hashin’ It Out[/I] Review

Ah, Chicago. A tear of joy swells up in my one good eye when I think of the years of musical pleasure you’ve brought me. This Euphone CD has not flawed your stellar track record. Blurring the line between the younger scene (Cap’n Jazz, Joan of Arc, Braid, etc.) and the more established in the city (Touch and Go/distributed labels), Euphone could be placed into Chicago’s "new" jazz genre that groups like Chicago Underground Orchestra and Isotope 217 have made known. Yet there is a kind of playfulness, and dare I say, accessibility here that you couldn’t get from bands like Isotope or Tortoise. Upbeat guitars keep up with Ryan Rapsys’ fantastic jazz drumming and sample work. Rapsys, who founded Euphone, started the group solo, playing the drums and changing programmed samples and chords at the same time. He could definitely hold his own with that set-up, but the addition of different instruments, unobtrusive samples, and great players have compounded the beauty of its foundation.

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