Ester Drang [I]Infinite Keys[/I] Review

Goes Well With: Dark Side of the Moon, OK Computer, making out with your significant other

Ester Drang’s latest, Infinite Keys, is infinitely pleasing—a competent ambient rock record that evokes solace. Occasionally sandblasted with energetic pseudo-rock, the album is thankfully absent of anything annoyingly aggressive. As with so many vocalists nowadays, Bryce Chambers’ crooning can clearly draw comparisons to Radiohead’s Thom Yorke in that both warblers’ tones improve the quality of the music. Throughout, Ester Drang offers mature musicianship, blending keys and guitars into melodic arrangements that carry you like so many puffy, little clouds.

On “Oceans of View” the band cranks up the EKG rating: alternating from smashing cymbals to hypnotic bass lines, the song proves this pony’s capable of turning more than one trick. This is the record that compliments a late night glass of red wine, the first glass poured during cerebral conversation, the last poured during a kiss partially inspired by your savvy music selection.

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