Despistado [I]The Emergency Response[/I] Review

I do believe this is Canada’s first break into the indie-anomaly that is Jade Tree Records, and what a break it is! Despistado hails from the chilly Saskatchewan ice plains, yet their music is the hottest thing since sliced bread. So much energy spills forth, creating beautifully dissonant melodies, laden with trebly guitars and tight drum assaults.

Spastic song structures allow for the attitude of the music on The Emergency Response to feel like a slap in the face. Some light screaming isn’t overdone, but appears more to be an emotional thing, only breaking when the song is hitting its peak. Jangly guitars scream through each song, creating the perfect mix of dance and rock, blending the head bobbing with the moshpit.

The ep begins with A Stirstick’s Prediction, notably the most dancey track on the album, which kicks off the rest of The Emergency Response. Each track seems to blend into each other creating a seamless album from start to finish even when each track stops and ends just like a normal track would. Hi/Fi Stereo appears similar to other Jade Tree releases, most notably These Arms Are Snakes, but cuts out leaving the space-core of TAAS behind, ending as more music to dance violently to.

Quarky and unique is the debut release from Canada’s break into the American dominated dancey post-punk scene, perhaps perfectly representing Canada into the market of imposters. The Emergency Response is different, and its place on Jade Tree is going to get it the attention this wonderful Canadian band needs.

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