Despistado [I]The Emergency Response[/I] Review

Straight out of Saskatchewan and straight into the CD player < Despistado delivers the indie rock/emo goods on the six-song EP. Whereas emo can sometimes (read often) come off as whiny and annoying, Despistado¹s version
is a catchy and energetic mix that smacks of originality and movement. A Stirsticks Prediction kicks off this debut disc in a flurry of loud guitars and is immediately followed by the solid grooves of Can I Please Have an Order of Girl w/a side of Confused and Taste This Picture. The vocal interplay of Dagan Harding and Joel Passmore works well throughout, and jangly guitars and quick rhythms keep things loose and flowing. This short disc checks in at just over 20 frantic minutes and will leave you wantingmore.

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